What are some reasons dogs bite children?

Children face serious risks from dog bites. Because they're so much smaller than adults, many of these bites involve the face and neck area, rather than the hands or legs. As an adult, keeping a child safe starts with identifying why dogs may bite children. This can help you keep kids out of problematic situations. A few examples include: The child is trying to take a toy or some other possession that the dog thinks of as its own. The dog is eating or attempting to guard food. The child surprised the dog, perhaps by touching it while it was asleep. The dog thinks that the child's style of play is overly aggressive. The child accidentally hurt the dog, perhaps by pulling on its hair. The dog has little patience due to its age. Dogs' attitudes can change significantly as they get older. The child is moving quickly -- riding a [...]

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When is your employer required to pay you overtime in California?

California workers have many rights. This generally includes the right to overtime pay if they cross certain thresholds in the amount of time they work. Under California overtime laws, there are three main such thresholds. We’ll now go over them. The first is 40 hours of work a week. Employers are typically required to pay workers overtime for any amount of time worked over this threshold. The second is eight hours of work a day. For work beyond the eighth hour, workers are generally entitled to overtime pay. The third is six days in a workweek. Employees are typically entitled to overtime for any time worked on the seventh day in a workweek if they worked all of the previous six days. How much in overtime pay are California workers entitled to when they work beyond these thresholds? Generally, employers are required to pay workers at least one and a half [...]

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Does workers’ compensation cover back pain?

Back pain can surface as a low, dull ache throughout the day. It can also cause spikes of pain when standing, bending, lifting or turning. You may wonder if your back pain is covered under workers’ compensation. The issue is that back pain is not easily identifiable or curable. It can take x-rays, physical therapy and even surgery to remedy. Even then, you may be managing residual pain for years to come without knowing what caused the injury. What is the cause of your pain? Arguably, some back pain is caused by aging. Growing older means facing new aches and pains every day. If your pain is only caused by aging, then it will not be covered under a workers’ compensation claim. On the other hand, back pain may also be due to workplace injuries. A sudden accident, such as incorrectly lifting a patient or slipping in the warehouse and falling on [...]

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