Sexual harassment warning signs: What to watch out for

When sexual harassment starts, its often a lot lighter than it eventually becomes. During these initial stages of sexual harassment, it's often easier for the victims to make it stop. The problem is, most victims dismiss these early stages as nothing more than harmless flirting or "joking." Even if the behavior makes them feel uncomfortable, the victims usually assume that it will simply go away. The problem is, it might not go away -- and it could escalate into a situation that causes the victim to quit, get fired or suffer many other types of unfortunate consequences. To avoid becoming a victim of sexual harassment, here are three things that every worker should watch out for: Sexism: Sexism and sexist behavior often consist of jokes and comments made by coworkers or supervisors. These jokes or comments will be sexual in nature -- or make reference to your appearance -- and they [...]

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Top injuries for healthcare workers

If you are a healthcare worker, you already know how demanding and difficult your job can be. In fact, a hospital is one of the most dangerous places to work. Even if you don’t work in a hospital, healthcare work can be dangerous. The most common injuries healthcare workers suffer from include: Back and neck injuries. These injuries generally result from overexertion and repetitive stress. They are usually a type of muskuloskeletal injury, which means the worker has pain combined with numbness and tingling. Overexertion injuries are the largest share of hospital work comp claims in the U.S. and result in the most missed days of work. Other back and neck injuries include slipped or herniated discs and may result in back surgery. Sprains and strains. Overexertion can also cause sprains and strains. They affect nurses, aids, orderlies and paramedics the most, as these workers transfer patients, which requires bending, heavy lifting and sudden movements. Violence. Healthcare [...]

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Have a safe Halloween in Santa Ana

Many Santa Ana residents love to participate in Halloween. In fact, just four short years ago, Santa Ana came in at number four for the best cities to celebrate the October holiday. Whether you are throwing an adults-only shindig or escorting your costumed kiddos around the neighborhood this year, safety should be paramount. The following tips can allow everyone to have fun and stay safer: Have nonalcoholic alternatives available for partygoers. Close the bar an hour before the party ends. Guests who overindulge should not be permitted to drive. Arrange rides with Lyft or Uber. Kids should trick or treat in groups, and younger children should be accompanied by a parent. Make sure the kids' costumes are not too long and pose a tripping hazard. Drivers should beware of children darting out between parked cars on Halloween. Give kids a flashlight to use and make costumes from fluorescent fabrics. Limit the accouterments. Having a [...]

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4 key statistics about texting and driving

Texting and driving is way too common, considering just how dangerous it is. People just seem to forget that they are driving a 3,500-pound machine that can take lives and cause serious injuries. When that phone chirps, they feel like they have to pick it up. Do you want to know how bad the problem really is? Here are four key statistics that help to paint a picture: More than half of all drivers in the United States (57 percent) say they have texted while they were driving. Some researchers believe the real rate could be higher, but some drivers refuse to admit that they do it. A staggering 80 percent of car accidents link back to driver inattention that happens right before the crash -- within the previous three seconds. All it takes is a moment for a crash. When asked about general distracted driving -- not just texting -- the [...]

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Top fall hazards to watch out for in the workplace

Workplace falls can happen in almost any occupation. It is true that some jobs, such as working in construction, tend to carry a higher fall risk because people have to work at heights. However, that does not mean you don't face risks even if you work in an office. To lower the odds of a serious accident, it is important to know what fall hazards to watch out for. Below are a few examples: Unprotected edges, such as a balcony or a catwalk that does not have railings on the sides. Fall protection gear that is not used properly. Sometimes, this happens because employers neglect to give their employees proper training. Openings in the wall and holes in the floor. This could be a serious risk for mechanics, for example, who have pits they can climb down into to work below vehicles. Ladders that are set up improperly. If the ladder [...]

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Can I miss work for joint pain?

No one wants to miss work due to pain - it is inconvenient and expensive, and it can make you feel like you aren't a dedicated employee. However, workers who are experiencing chronic joint pain may want to consider that excessive use of their joints at their place of employment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that arthritis, one example of joint pain, is the leading cause of work disability in the United States. When you have arthritis, your cartilage surfaces between bones wears away, thus causing the bone to rub on bone. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) encompass all physical conditions that affect muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, joints and other soft tissues. MSDs account for approximately one-third of injury and illness costs in U.S. workplaces, according to the CDC, and many of these conditions can result specifically in chronic and short-term joint paint. Workers' compensation for joint pain Employees are [...]

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