Is Your Lingering Pain Or Sickness A Result Of Your Job?

Not all work-related injuries are the result of a one-time accident or even an easily discernible reason, and you may be unsure of what to do about your lingering pain and suffering.Our experienced attorneys at RSnyder Law Firm, PC, can evaluate your case and determine if you have a reason to seek recovery through a Workers’ Comp claim. Our team helps individuals understand their legal options, and we work diligently to find a reasonable solution to your concerns. If you are experiencing chronic pain after long-term employment or because of your job, our California lawyers can assist you.

How Can You Know If You Have A Case?

Many injured workers do not get the financial help to which they have a rightful claim after a workplace injury because they are unsure of their options. In many cases, lingering pain is a result of jobs that may involve occupational exposure or repetitive strain. Workers’ Compensation insurance benefits may also be available to you if your job makes a pre-existing condition worse.

Your pain may be due to several different reasons, but we have the experience to identify your options and help you fight for the full amount of payment you deserve. We help any employee dealing with work-related pain, including the following:

  • Machine operators: These employees have often been doing the same motions for years. Repetitive stress and vibrating machinery can lead to issues such as muscle fatigue, wrist pain or neck pain.
  • Temporary employees: Temp workers may have to do various jobs for which they do not receive appropriate ergonomic and safety training. This can lead to painful injuries and back pain.
  • Office workers: Workers who have worked at a desk, filed, typed and done other administrative duties for a long time may experience injuries as a result of stress on joints such as hands and wrists.

If you are in pain, we can help you learn about your legal options. We can also help you seek the maximum amount of compensation owed to you from all available sources.

Defending Orange County Workers

Our lawyers are dedicated to the rights and interests of all Orange County and Southern California workers. If you suffered injuries in a workplace accident, we are on your side. Call our office in Costa Mesa at (949) 484-0175 or click here to schedule a free evaluation of your case.