If you are an employee and over the age of 40 in the state of California, you may be starting to feel that your age is becoming a barrier to gaining or retaining work. If you are worried that you are being discriminated against because of your age, it is important that you understand the law so that you can take action when necessary.

Employees over the age of 40 often have questions about what counts as age discrimination in the workplace. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What laws are in place to protect me from age discrimination?

There is a federal law in place called the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). The act is in place to protect employees or job applicants from age discrimination when they are 40 or older. The act is valid for situations involving the federal and local government, labor organizations with a minimum of 25 members, and employers with a minimum of 20 employees.

How will the ADEA protect me from discrimination?

The ADEA prevents employers from setting preferences for certain age groups when looking for employers. It also protects you from being retaliated against if you make a complaint about experiencing age discrimination in the workplace.

Do I have the right to file a claim?

You have a right to file a claim if you believe that you have been a victim of age discrimination in the workplace. You may want to consider discussing the issue with your employer first.

It is important to take action to stand up for your right to be treated equally as a worker aged 40 or over.