Help For California Workers Suffering From Back Injuries

A work-related back injury is not only painful, it can affect your ability to do your job. It is more than an inconvenience — it is a threat to your financial well-being. If you were hurt on the job, we believe you have the right to seek appropriate compensation for your injuries through a Workers’ Compensation claim.At the Santa Ana office of RSnyder Law Firm, PC, we believe you deserve recovery after any type of workplace accident. We will help you understand your options and provide you with the support you need as you navigate the Workers’ Compensation claims process.

Are You At Risk For A Back Injury?

Back injuries can happen due to repetitive motion over a long period of time or as the result of a one-time accident. While any type of California employee can suffer from a back injury, there are some workers that may be at a higher risk of a repetition injury, including:

  • Nurses and health care workers
  • Construction workers
  • Restaurant employees and hotel employees
  • Manual laborers
  • Truck/delivery drivers

A back injury can happen from incidents such as falls, car accidents or incidents involving heavy machinery. In other cases, painful and debilitating back workplace injuries can be the result of doing the same job for years, perhaps spending extensive amounts of time doing things such as heavy lifting, standing or working with heavy equipment.

Back injuries can make it difficult to sit, stand and perform everyday activities without pain. Our attorney understands how painful and debilitating back injuries can be, and we are motivated to help other injured victims get the support they need. Through a Workers’ Compensation claim, you are entitled to medical care, recovery of your lost wages and even disability benefits, if necessary. We will help you fight for the full amount of compensation you deserve, down to the last dollar.

Help For Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

A Workers’ Comp claim could be an important step for your recovery, but it can be an arduous and complex process. We will walk with you through this entire process, helping you secure the benefits you need. After a back injury, call us at (949) 484-0175 or email to discuss your case with a lawyer during a free evaluation of your case.