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Types Of

Workers’ Compensation

If you work in California and you sustain or aggravate an injury arising out of and in the course of your employment, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and should turn to experienced California workers’ compensation attorneys. There are four primary types of workers’ compensation benefits for which you may be eligible.

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Medical Care

Employees who are entitled to workers’ compensation can receive medical benefits to cover the costs of identifying and treating the injury in question. This can include doctor visits, medication, special equipment (such as crutches or a wheelchair), and surgery. You are allowed to choose your physician, though you may also have to visit a doctor of your employer’s choice for evaluation.


Rehabilitation benefits can cover therapeutic care — such as physical therapy — to help you return to your job. If your injury prevents you from returning to your job, rehabilitation benefits may include re-training to help you become qualified for a different job.


Disabilities fall into five categories:

  • A temporary total disability prevents you from working for a limited period of time.
  • Temporary partial disability indicates that you can do some but not all of the duties associated with your job.
  • A permanent total disability means that you will never be able to return to any type of gainful employment.
  • Permanent partial disability indicates permanent but not complete disability, such as a loss of strength or range of motion.


Death benefits are available to a surviving spouse or a spouse and children, and are based on a percentage of the employee’s earnings. Regardless of the employee’s wages, there is a minimum benefit, and a burial allowance is available.