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Injured workers face many challenges and concerns as they navigate the road to recovery. The team of attorneys at RSnyder Law Firm, PC, understands the complexity of navigating the aftermath of an accident, which is why we are dedicated to helping Orange County workers secure the recovery they deserve.If you were hurt at work or you have concerns about your recovery, we can help. Our lawyers offer personal service to every person who turns to our law firm, and we can answer your questions, address your concerns and help you move forward to the full and fair recovery you deserve after a workplace injury. You can reach out to our Southern California law firm to get the help you need by calling (949) 484-0175 after a work accident.

Helping You Address Your Specific Concerns

It is normal to have serious questions and concerns after a work accident. From your financial stability to physical ability to do your job, we can address all of the issues that pertain to your individual situation. Our team offers compassionate support and tenacious representation, providing the information you need for any Workers’ Comp issue, including the following:

  • What do I do after a work accident? After a work accident, you have the right to seek immediate medical care. After that, you can take action to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, as well as seek the support of an attorney.
  • What benefits can I get? You are entitled to medical care, recovery of lost wages and disability benefits, if necessary. The specific benefits you will get depend on the details of your individual situation and your injuries.
  • What happens If I cannot return to my job? If your injuries are severe enough to impede your ability to return to work, you could be entitled to various accommodations, employment help or even certain types of disability benefits.
  • How do I know If I have a claim? It can be difficult to determine if you actually have a claim. It can be beneficial to seek an evaluation of your case to understand your specific options.

We have the answers to all of your Workers’ Compensation questions. Regardless of the nature of your injuries or the complexity of your situation, we can help.

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If you have a valid Workers’ Compensation claim, you do not have to walk through the process alone. We can provide the experienced guidance you need. Call us at (949) 484-0175 or email us for a free evaluation of your case and explanation of your options in our Costa Mesa office.


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