Roller skating and ice rinks can be great fun for all of the family. However, they can present certain risks. Falls on roller skates can lead to broken arms or even head injuries. This is why skating centers must put safety measures in place to prevent accidents.

If your child was injured at a roller skate rink or an ice rink, it is likely that they experienced pain, distress and suffering. In addition, you may have had to pay significant medical bills to treat their injuries. If you can show that negligence led to your child’s injury, you will be able to make a compensation claim.

The premises owner’s duty to you

If you are a guest on any premises, the owner has the legal duty to do everything reasonably possible to ensure your safety. When it comes to roller skate and ice rinks, management should ensure that all users of the rink are wearing the appropriate safety gear. They should also make sure that all rental skates are in good condition, and that the rink is not overcrowded.

Proving negligence

You will need to show the way in which the premises owner was negligent, and how this contributed to your child’s accident. For example, if your child tripped on an uneven surface of the rink and broke their wrist, it should be fairly easy to show that the premises owner failed in their duty to provide a safe surface on which to skate. This should constitute negligence, and it is likely that the premises owner would be held liable for damages.

It is important that you take swift action to make a premises liability claim if you believe negligence was to blame.