Automakers Toyota and Subaru have announced a giant recall of 400,000 problematic cars. The automakers stated in a recent recall announcement that the recall issue stems from defective engine valve springs that could break and result in an engine stall. Engine stalls like this can be especially dangerous for drivers who are navigating traffic because an engine stall could result in an auto collision.

Some of the vehicles in the recall are Subaru’s Impreza, BRZ and Forester automobiles. In addition, Toyota’s 86 sport car and Scion FR-S (which are also manufactured by Subaru) were included as well.

At this time, the owners of affected cars have yet to be notified. However, Subaru promised that it would begin notifying owners directly via the mail in December.

The process of fixing the engine valve springs at the heart of this problem will not be entirely easy. According to Subaru, the repair for each vehicle could take longer than 12 hours. Considering that 400,000 of these repairs need to be carried out throughout the world, it could take a considerable amount of time before all of the affected cars are safe again.

If you suspect that your vehicle was included in this recall, be sure to reach out to the Subaru or Toyota dealer where you bought your car. If you suspect that you may have been injured in an accident caused by one of these defective cars, you may want to reach out to a qualified personal injury attorney who can evaluate your claim to hold these potentially negligent automakers financially responsible for your costs and damages.