Sometimes your employer has every right to terminate your employment relationship. Other times, the termination is unlawful. It could be grounds for a wrongful termination claim in which you can pursue compensation or other remedies. To protect your right to file a claim, consider taking the following steps after you lose a job:

Leave politely: There’s no reason to throw a fit or do anything “untoward” when leaving your workplace. Be kind an respectful and leave in a peaceful way. Save all evidence and information that could potentially support a claim for wrongful termination if you believe that your rights were violated.

Collect the compensation you’re owed: Your employer needs to give you your final paycheck within a specific period. Find out what that time period is, and ensure that your employer follows the law. Is there a severance agreement stating that you’re owed a severance package? Make sure you understand what your rights are under this agreement.

Determine your unemployment compensation rights: In many cases, you can continue to receive some income after the loss of your job by filing an unemployment compensation claim. Don’t miss out on this potentially life-saving income if you’re eligible.

Extend your health care package: If you receive health care through your employer, make sure you state that you want to continue it as long as possible. This will come at an expense to you, but it will not be as expensive as finding your own insurance.

Finally, if you suspect that you were terminated wrongfully from a job, you may want to discuss your situation with an employment law attorney. Our Santa Ana employment law team is available should you wish to talk with an attorney about your case in a free, no-obligation consultation.